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4 Ways to Prepare to Confront Sinful Activity in Your Spouse’s Life

Female writing out plans

Every couple will come to a point where one spouse will have to confront the other regarding an issue that’s negatively affecting their marriage. Let’s be honest, nobody likes to be involved on either end of a confrontation. But if you find yourself having to confront your spouse, here are some vital steps to prepare yourself: Prepare your heart. Matthew 7:5, tells us that […]

Are You Starving Your Spouse?

Spring salad

Are you starving your spouse to death? We all need food and water to live. Basic nourishment is a must for a healthy lifestyle. If we deprive our bodies of food for too long, our vital organs begin to shrink and eventually shut down. Starving to death is a slow and very painful process. But our bodies are not the only thing that need […]

The Valentine’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

Be My Valentine Sign with 2 pink roses

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner … and you are probably thinking: “Oh boy, what am I going to get my spouse this year?” You know that special gift that says: “I Love You …” Just for fun I went online and googled Valentine’s gifts … and found a site with over 300 to choose from. I have to tell […]

4 Ways to Get Out of a Marriage Rut

Couple sitting on rooftop overlooking city at night

Do you ever feel like your marriage is stuck in a rut? You’re trapped in the same routine. Get up at the same time, get ready, go to work, text a few times about schedules, eat dinner, pay bills, watch TV, head to bed, only to wake up to do it all over again the same way tomorrow. John 10:10 Jesus says, “I […]

Speak Well of Your Spouse

4 females sitting at coffee spot talking

After spending time with both couples who are super successful in their marriages and those on the opposite spectrum dealing with major challenges, I found a few key traits that all the successful couples share and the not so successful couples need to learn. One of the biggest ones is to speak well of your spouse in public. Now, that might sound […]

What Should Christian Couples Watch on TV

Couple relaxing on couch eating popcorn and watching tv

Many people have asked, is it okay for my spouse and I to watch TV shows that have regular occurrences of nudity in them? With the rise of online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime and the pervasive on demand viewing options for networks like HBO, Cinemax, etc., the accessibility to shows that would never be allowed in primetime has grown significantly. Not only are they […]

This One Simple Action could Make or Break Your Marriage

Couple holding hands and sitting on a couch

Renowned marriage researcher Dr. John Gottman conducted a study with newlyweds who were still married after six years. He discovered that the couples who survived were much better at one thing. They were in the habit of turning their attention towards each other instead of away from each other. In fact, the couples who stayed married turned towards one another 86% of […]

Deepening Your Relationship through a Busy Winter Season

Couple sledding in snow

Jeff here…one of the staff members at The Marriage Hub. Everyone in our office knows that I love the winter months. The chill in the air, sledding as a family, ice hockey on a frozen pond, hot chocolate and then warming up by the crackling of the fireplace. Unfortunately, finding time to enjoy the winter season gets more and more challenging. My wife Janeen and […]

Yearly Marriage Evaluation

Happy New Year written out

Here in the next few weeks, the President will prepare to give his State of the Union address. Relax. I’m not here to discuss politics. But it does get me thinking…What would I say if I had to deliver an annual assessment of the state of my marital union to Karen and the rest of my family. So let […]

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