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How to Prevent Getting Stuck in a Rut

We work with many couples who are experiencing challenging marriages after they attend one of our intensives. They realize how their marriage slips slowly into the crisis situation that brought them to us. They had let things get too far out of hand. They slipped back into a rut. So here are some thoughts to help us from letting things get too far:  1. […]

Tackling Stress in Marriage

Have you ever gotten so stressed out that it hurt your marriage? Overloaded family schedules, under-funded bank accounts, mountains of maintenance, stuff that needs to be done around the house, parenting pressures, not to mention the little bits of stress that we import every day from our day. Jobs all take a toll on our marriage and family relationships. These negative effects of stress are obvious. […]

10 Symptoms of a Deteriorating Marriage

I have received this list of ten symptoms of a deteriorating marriage. Let me share it with you: 1. You’re constantly hearing I love you, but I’m not in love with you. 2. One of you wants to go for marriage counseling, but the other won’t participate. 3. You feel like you’re in a convenient business or roommate partnership rather than in a […]

Ballpark Proposal

Most of us have seen this…sometime during a baseball game the jumbo screen flashes to a couple and the fans all watch as a young man gets out a small box with a big ring and asks his girlfriend to marry him. And after they hug and kiss, the fans in the stands erupt into thunderous cheers and applause. Well, a few years ago, […]

Hostile Couple

Last week, we talked about the Volatile couple who ride an emotional roller coaster. Two weeks ago, we introduced you to the avoiding couple. They are the couple who works hard to bury anything negative in the relationship. They don’t talk about it because they don’t want any conflict, just a blissful coexistence. Well, this week we’re going to talk about the hostile […]

Volatile Couple

Is your marriage writing an emotional roller coaster? If so, you may be what Professor Murry calls the volatile couple. Volatile couples, as their label implies, are unstable. Doing their marital dance on the devoted divorce borderline, spouses are like microwaves and flash freezers. Their emotions, whether positive or negative, instantly heat up and boil over or plunge as cold as ice rapidly. This […]

Avoiding Couple

In continuing to look at the five types of marriages, this week we are taking a look at The Avoiding Couple. Are you an avoider in your marriage? Avoiders are usually stable in maintaining their marriages; yet they don’t experience a high level of emotional intimacy and that produces more of a mutual co-existence rather than a quality marriage. They’re called avoiders because they do their best to […]

Validating Couple

Last week we introduced to you the five categories of marriage that came from the research done by James Murray of Oxford University. And this week we want to amplify the first of his five categories:  The Validating Couple. This couple, according to Professor Murray, is going to experience the best marriage and quality of life. This couple’s ability to remain calm reduces […]

Five Types of Marriage

James Murray from the University of Oxford studied one thousand marriages and uncovered five types of marriage. Now that alone is no big deal. However, he was able to predict with a 94% accuracy rate the marital features of these couples based on what type of marriage they had. Now, that’s impressive. Today, I want to quickly overview these five types of marriage and then highlight each of […]

Who Should Sacrifice?

How many times have you fallen prey to the idea that you’re supposed to give up what you want in order for your spouse to take what he or she wants, with the hopeful anticipation that your spouse will return the favor sometime in the near future? The problem with this way of thinking can be the motive behind the giving or […]

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