Praying Together as a Couple

October 23, 2023

It’s no secret that Christian couples struggle to pray together. We’ve all heard it said “The couple that prays together stays together“, and the data proves that to be overwhelmingly true. That’s because couples who pray together nurture their relationships and strengthen their intimacy with God and their spouses. So why not join them? Here’s a few ways to help you get started.
First, share your desire to pray for your spouse. Communicate your love for God and your spouse.
Second, invite your spouse to pray with you. Be sensitive to any feelings of spiritual inadequacy your spouse may have. Help alleviate any fears by sharing that he or she doesn’t have to lead the process or even pray out loud. “You can just hold my hand and pray silently with me” is a great place to start.
Third, set a time and place. Establishing a routine starts with the when and where. When do we have uninterrupted time to connect? Where’s a comfortable spot for us to pray? It might help to set a time to eliminate any aversions to praying together.
Fourth, make a list of things you want to pray about together. Start with personal requests, things that involve you, your spouse, your children, and your family. The closer the issues, the more engaged in the prayer process you will be.
Fifth, pray conversationally. Some call this ping pong praying. Each of you pray a short sentence prayer for the first request and work down through your list. This method helps keep your time moving and your thoughts from wandering.
Sixth, don’t preach to one another in your prayers. We don’t want to hear, “Please help Bruce to see his need to soften his heart and let me do what I want to do.” That’s not going to foster any change on my part at all.
And then, seventh, don’t quit if you miss a day. Consistency will grow over time. Relax and don’t let the enemy discourage you. Allow your spouse to have the freedom to remind you that it’s time to pray. Share the responsibility of leadership, and the process will go smoother.

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