Choosing the Right Coach for Your Marriage: Key Questions to Ask for Success

July 17, 2023

When you finally get to the place where you’ve had enough and it is time to start working on or revitalizing your marriage, one of the biggest questions you may ask yourself is: “Do we need some outside help?”
The answer to that question comes down to your beliefs regarding the benefits of hiring a professional. Is it really necessary to hire a coach? Will we really be better off with somebody we don’t know instructing us on what to do? The short answer to that question for many spouses and couples is a resounding yes!
Having a relationship coach can have a tremendous impact on your marriage and family interactions. Coaches will give you some new tools and encouragement to help you achieve your goals.
So why hire a coach? Because you realize that you need to make some changes for your marriage to get better. You recognize that certain things need to be strengthened or improved if you’re going to experience a more satisfying and intimate relationship. You understand that you’ll need help to develop a set of goals that will help you create a plan of action to get through the challenges you’re facing today. A good coach will help you with all these things.
This doesn’t mean that you can, or should, just blindly hire someone who carries the title of “coach”. You need to determine the validity of what the coach is saying. When searching for a coach, it is important that you ask as many questions as possible, be very specific in your questions, and make sure you are asking follow-up questions for anything you are uncertain about.
A very easy way of determining the legitimacy of a coach will take place during your initial consultation, conversation, or free trial. Afterwards, ask yourself if they bothered to ask you about your goals. Did they listen to my questions, comments, and concerns? Or were they simply telling me why I should hire them?”
At the end of the day, this is your marital journey. The coach you select should be the one who shows you that he/she cares and is qualified to help. Never assume that because of their title, that they have more say than you do about your marriage. 
We here at the Marriage Hub are excited to announce our new Marital Coaching Program. It is designed for couples who are not in crisis but want some help in improving and enriching their marriages. We have selected and trained our coaches carefully. Their passion is to see their clients thrive. If you want to learn more about our ministry, or to schedule your first free 30 minute session visit our website:  

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