Kick off Your Marriage with these Marriage Resolutions

January 2, 2023

It’s that time of year again where we all sit down and set those infamous New Year’s resolutions. You all know the regulars…let’s lose 10 pounds, read one book a week, save 10% of our paycheck. The problem is that these are resolved today and abandoned by the end of the week.

So this year, how about bucking the trend and actually doing something unique? Let’s set five top New Year’s resolutions to make our life together as a couple better:

Number One: Plan time alone together. We all know that time flies and with kids activities, it seems to move at supersonic speeds. That means there’s less time for the two of you. So get your calendars out and block out in indelible ink at least two date nights per month. These don’t have to be fancy. They simply need to give you some quality and quantity time to reconnect.
Number Two: Planning for some spiritual connection. Every couple struggles in this area, so find a good devotional book or booklet that’s simple to use. Set a regular time and place to sit down and read one section together, then spend 3 to 5 minutes to talk and pray about it. Keep your expectations realistic. Shoot for at least three days a week.

Number Three: Plan your parenting since “one size fits all” parenting doesn’t really work well. Ask yourself these questions…how are our kids doing physically, spiritually and emotionally? What does each of our children need from us? What do we need to be doing to help them become the man or woman that God wants them to be? And then write an action plan for each one of your kids based on the answers to your questions.

Number Four: Plan your finances. Now’s a good time to take a look at where you are financially and to make the changes you want to make to get to where you want to be. If spending is a problem, make a commitment not to make any major purchases until you’ve talked to your spouse first. It might be a great time to open up a savings account for the kids’ college, weddings or whatever funds in the future.

Number Five: Plan to get help if you’re struggling in any of these areas. You want to seek the help of a Christian counselor or financial planner. Hey, we all get ourselves into messes very quickly and rarely can we get ourselves out of those messes without some help. So if you’re going through a rough patch, don’t give up. Having trouble with one of the kids? Don’t you dare give up. Struggling with your passion and intimacy. Never, ever give up. Start planning today to make 2023 the best year of your marriage and family’s journey.

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