12 Gifts of Christmas

December 19, 2022

I’m one of those last minute shoppers who ventures out on Christmas Eve wandering the mall in search of the perfect gift for Karen. Sometimes I know what I’m looking for, but most of the time I’m praying that something’s going to jump out and say, “Here I am”. And honestly, that’s how I got into this insane habit. I had a great streak going. Seeing something nice on a mannequin and saying, I like that. Karen’s going to like that. So I got it and “let’s get out of here”. I’d have it wrapped and I’d head home, place it under the tree and wait patiently for Christmas morning.

On Christmas day, Karen would open it and she would love it. But you know…there’s got to be a better way to choose a gift. So we played with that all time greatest Christmas gifts for True Love List, The 12 Days of Christmas, for some inspiration.
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me the promise of no one else but me. You know, unconditional commitment is foundational to marriage.
Then come two listening ears, one for facts and one for feelings.
Then the three little words “I love you”.
Four financial planners to help secure our financial future.
Five dates together, give some quality time and attention to each other this year.
Six Sexless back rubs may relief stress.
Seven shows turned off so you can tune into each other.
Eight Encouraging words…speak life into each other.
Nine nights of Intimacy. Hey, It’s the only exclusive love language of married couples. Enjoy.
Ten minute devotions…spiritual connectedness is very important.
Eleven meaningful touches. Hey, don’t lose the loving feeling. Hold hands, lock arms, whatever.
And finally, 12 acts of kindness. Take some of those chores off your partner’s list.

Why not figure out a way to wrap up one or more of these for your true love this Christmas?

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