Savior of our Sins

December 12, 2022
We often forget the context of the Christmas story. We need to remember how important a story’s context is to understanding its intended meaning.

God’s people were in a bad place. They were enslaved by the Romans. They were looking for a liberator from this harsh occupation; someone who would set them free politically. They weren’t looking for a personal savior, one who would set them free spiritually.

I can’t help but see the parallel. Where God’s people were enslaved and oppressed by a sinful world…so often we’re so busy looking for someone or something to liberate us politically from our negative circumstances that we miss seeing the need we have for someone to save us from the things we allow to enslave us.

Here at The Marriage Hub, we work with Christian couples who are struggling in their marriages. They’re imprisoned by the consequences of their sin, and they’re hoping that we can wave some magical spiritual wand that will make their messy situations disappear. But let’s remember, Jesus never freed his people from their Roman captors. In fact, the oppression intensified. Jesus was sent to save his people from their sins, to save us from ourselves and the negative consequences we usher into our own lives. Maybe you’re one of those couples who struggling in prison by angeraddictionmoney issuesunfaithfulness or whatever. You just want to be set free from all the stuff that’s in your life. Well, Christmas is a time to rejoice. Rejoice! Emmanuel has come to save you from your sin. He’s not going to magically take the arguing away, but he’s going to give you a new heart that doesn’t want to fight. He will give you the power to experience the abundant life he desires for you.

For unto you is born this day one who will save you from your sins, Christ the Lord.

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