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Something Amazing Happens When You Sacrifice in Your Marriage

How many times have you fallen prey to the idea is that you are supposed to give up what you want in order for your spouse to take what he or she wants … with the hopeful anticipation that your spouse will return the favor sometime in the near future?

The problem with this way of thinking can be the motive behind the giving, or sacrifice.  “I am giving to you now with the promise and expectation that you will be giving to me later!”  That is selfish not selfless …

As Christ followers we know that this is stinky thinking.  We are commanded to love each other the same way we want to be loved.  Paul says in Philippians 2:3 that we should: “do nothing from selfish ambition …or vain conceit … but treat others (even our spouses) as more important than yourself.

Here’s 3 practical sacrifices we should be making for our spouse on a regular basis.

Sacrifice Your Need to Being Right –We all wrestle with those times when you just know you are right and your spouse is wrong.  If your marriage has fallen into the I am right you are wrong mindset … the one who is always wrong will grow very resentful. Put that need to always be right on the altar.

Sacrifice Your Need for Getting all the Credit – Our pride can rear its ugly head each time we remind our spouses how much we do for them.  “You never do this,” “I’m always doing … .”  As mutual helpers to one another … your behind the scenes role is the most important role in your spouse’s life.  Let’s be honest …  God deserves all the credit anyway.

Sacrifice Your Independent Goals – When you marry, life isn’t just about you anymore.  It’s about your marriage and the family you’ve create together.  You must willingly sacrifice some of your personal independence in order to gain interdependence, which is a blessed and blended spiritual, emotional, and physical state of being.

Not surprisingly a recent Harvard study came out with the conclusions that the one who willingly sacrifices in their relationship … is the one who experiences the greatest relational satisfaction.  Even more than the one who was served!  Just goes to show that Jesus is always right … when He said it is more blessed to give than to receive!”

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