Do You Know the Most Powerful Way to Communicate to Your Spouse

November 9, 2017

We’ve been inspired by the oldies hit … 50 ways to leave your lover … to explore ways of building your marriage … and today we want to highlight touch.

Did you know that physical touch is a more powerful communication of love than words? 

Touch is vital to deepening romantic relationships.  Remember back to your dating days when you looked for the opportunity of casually sweeping your hand over to touch his or her’s?  Which led to holding hands … or putting your arms around each other?  Ah the chills ran up and down …

Scientist tell us that when married couples touch in loving and positive ways, they increase their production of a hormone that is a key player in creating and strengthening emotional bonds.  When you and your spouse touch, it reduces insecurity and fear while building trust and safety which adds more “glue” that strengthens your marital bond.  Researchers tell us that there is a direct correlation between marital touch and marital satisfaction!

So, that means the lack of touch can be an idiot light on your marriage dashboard that your relationship needs some attention.  Couples who aren’t touching may be experiencing some deeper marital issues like lack of safety and trust, or an inability to emotionally or verbally communicate.  If this is you it’s time to get some help … your marriage is heading in the wrong direction.

Touch can express a variety of emotions and feelings that we have trouble verbalizing.  A soft touch on your spouse’s arm shows care and support, and a warm hug upon returning home shows how happy you are to see your spouse!

So, if appropriate touch makes your spouse feel loved and wanted, how can you incorporate it into your relationship?  Why not try this today?

  • Every time you pass one another give a high five, fist bump, or love pats …
  • Anytime you leave the house, give each other a warm kiss.
  • When you return home from the day, hug for at least 10 seconds.
  • When you are walking, hold hands.
  • When seated next to each other, put a hand on the other’s leg.
  • When watching TV, sit together and cuddle.
  • When going to bed, hold one another until at least one of you goes to sleep.

Hold her hand, Stan.  Give him a pat, Pat.  How ‘bout a rub, Bub?

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