A Reader Shares the Secret Emotional Needs of Men … A Must Read!

October 21, 2016

It’s always good to hear from listeners … and to those who receive these thoughts via our email devotions … here’s one we got the other day from a men’s ministry leader …

“I read your online article to wives today and it was very good.  You can quote me in saying that wives have no idea how much their husbands need encouragement from them—you were right on! An appreciative note from a wife can go a LONG way!

I know it goes both ways, but if a wife is “tuned-in” enough to get the ball rolling and becomes a cheerleader of her husband that would be awesome!

Many wives think their husbands are strong and tough and don’t need that encouragement, but that is very wrong … that is the “face” that we men have been taught to wear.

Many men are getting a “beat-down” on a daily basis only to have that continue when they get home.

Most of us men are secretly desperate to be loved, honored and appreciated (yep—just like women). And I’m amazed at how many men don’t understand how to ask for, or get attention appropriately … because it feels like the need to be loved by a woman is a weakness. So we seek it inappropriately by grabbing and demanding … or avoiding altogether …because that doesn’t make us feel weak.

It’s scary and hard for us to love a woman because we have to be vulnerable … and most of us don’t do vulnerable real well.

In fact we’ve been conditioned to believe that women need us to be tough and if we speak of our weakness and neediness that our wives will turn away from us.

As a men’s ministry leader … I’ve watched men sob over the lack of connection they feel with their wives and how desperate they are to be desired by their wives. And in most cases their wives have no idea of how much pain they are in … because men either don’t know they’re in pain or they don’t feel safe enough to express it.”

So ladies make it safe for your husbands to talk to you about what they need and want from you … why not ask them today?

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