Take this Quiz to See if Your Marriage Needs a Tune-Up

September 2, 2016

It’s the end of summer, and if you’re like me, you’re receiving ads in the mail urging us to get our heating systems checked and tuned up before the cold of Winter sets in. But, it’s still hot outside; and the thought of being warmer is the last thing on our minds. But years of experience have taught me the wisdom of preventive maintenance in saving money and avoiding breakdowns.

It’s the end of summer and our marriages will also benefit from regular tune ups and preventive maintenance. Is your relationship ready to handle the wear and tear of your family’s stressful schedule? Are you spending enough time together to fan the flame of your marriage? Now is a good time to plan for a marriage get away, before the busyness of Fall kicks in.

Take a few minutes to honestly answer these True / False questions … if the statement is more true than false answer it “T” … if not it is false. These questions should provide you with an opportunity to evaluate some key areas of your marital relationship … see if you both can agree on your answers. Talk about how you can improve the areas that were answered  “False”

T / F    We go out together alone as a couple at least twice a month?

T / F    We talk regularly about things that affect us as a couple …

not just children’s issues?

T / F    We are having devotions together regularly … reading the Bible

and praying together?

T / F    We are “more satisfied than not” with our sexual relationship?

T / F    We both have full knowledge of our financial condition and are in

agreement with how we fare?

T / F    We share family, parenting, and housekeeping responsibilities?

T / F    We would rather be home together than at work or play apart?

T / F    We verbally build one another up regularly?

T / F    We say the words “I love you” to each other daily?

T / F    We have made personal commitments to stay together …

“divorce is not an option!”

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