5 Reasons why a Vacation can Strengthen Your Marriage!

May 27, 2016

Summer has officially begun … and for many of us that means … it’s vacation time!  A chance to “vacate” our everyday routines of work and life … that can break down family relationships!

Did you know that going on a vacation can strengthen your marriage and family?  Here are five reasons why that’s true:

  1. Vacations lift moods: A change in your physical surroundings and daily routines can greatly influence how you think and feel about yourself, your spouse and family members. You’re usually less defensive, more open, relaxed and connected when you are away.
  2. Vacations highlight the “us” factor:  What do couples crave? More free time and more undivided attention devoted to each other. Vacations provide those times to focus on one another … to give each other the up-close attention that re-creates true intimacy on every level!
  3. Vacations promote playing together: One of the biggest reasons why couples go from being soul mates to bickering roommates is flat out neglect. They take one another and their relationship for granted. Your same old routine becomes so entrenched that you stop playing together. Vacations usually involve having fun together… playing helps you forget your problems, pressures and responsibilities. As your mood and spirit lightens … you’re more likely to see what attracted you to one another in the first place.
  4. Vacations bolster our sense of “family”:  Vacations can create a myriad of logistical issues … keeping everyone happy is a big challenge. Yet, vacations strengthen families because they constantly remind us all about how important our relationships are, and how we should be treating each other as precious.
  5. Vacations grow relationships:  Growing people experience and foster deeper relationships … So, vacations that introduce you to new experiences that stretch your mind and challenge you to grow as an individual … will enrich and deepen all of your other family relationships too! The stronger you become … the stronger your family becomes …

So make sure you plan to take some vacation time together as a family this summer … 

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