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Why we should say, “I Like it when you …”

When’s the last time you told your spouse … “I like it when you…”

Why that question?  Because too many marriages are characterized by negative and blaming phrases like “you never do this for me” or “you’re always doing this wrong”.  This negative attitude and tone does nothing positive to build your marriage.  so let’s try something new!…

Whenever your spouse does something that you do appreciate … share that with him or her using the phrase … “I like it when you”

Every successful marriage is characterized by acts of kindness shared between spouses … loving actions … gentle or encouraging words … a little gift … sharing time together … physical contact … all of these things make us feel loved and cared for …

But let’s be honest … we’re not mind readers … so why not help your spouse learn how to show you love … by reinforcing these loving things with the little phrase … … I like it when you … do this … I like it when you are gentle and understanding … I like it when we do this together … I like it when you give me a spontaneous hug and kiss …

So let’s set a goal … look for the little things that make your heart smile when your spouse does them … and affirm that by saying … I like it when you … (fill in what just happened) …

It’s not the once a year … big gift … or special event … that builds a marriage … it is those little things that happen every day … week after week that build love and intimacy  …

So see how many times you can share “I like it when you’s” with your spouse this week!

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