5 Keys to a Great Date Night!!

April 21, 2016

The University of Virginia released a study saying that regular date nights increase marital satisfaction and promote intimacy  Here are their five keys to great married dating:

First, dating keeps lines of communication open.  Turn off your cell phones and work on making lots of great eye contact.  Allow time for extended conversations that fight past the news of what’s happening at work and with the kids and gets to the heart issues.”

Second, Try something new.  Look for ways to break the routine of “dinner and a movie.”   Too many couples experience a decline in relationship quality because they develop boring habits that foster taking their relationships for granted.  Do something fun, unusual or exciting like:  roller skating, skeet shooting, hiking or take a cooking or dance class … go to the theatre and see a show.

Third, dating will help fan the flame of your passion for one another.  Couples often experience a decline in their romantic pursuits over time.  Your regular dates will keep you focused on each other; help you to engage in some romantic activities and to share your feelings with each other … those are things that will rekindle romantic sparks.

Fourth, dating shows your commitment to marriage.  It speaks to your children, family and friends and says, “We love each other and we take our marriage seriously.”  The fact that you make each other a priority sends a powerful message to your beloved saying … that he or she is the most important person in your life.

Fifth, regular date nights help couples “de-stress”.  When couples enjoy time together doing some fun things … it decompresses the concerns of their everyday lives.

With all the benefits dating brings to married couples, why in the world do so many of us neglect it?  The two most common excuses for skipping date night are kids and money.  I hear it all the time.  “We have kids and no money.”  That’s why we created our website “themarriagehub.com” so that couples like you could go out to the web on your time .. and for no money .. and enjoy some conversations that would help you connect in meaningful ways.

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