5 Easy Ways to Get Out of the Marriage Rut

June 1, 2015

Do you ever feel like your marriage is stuck in a rut?  You’re trapped in the same routines … getting up at the same time … get ready … go to work … text a few times about schedules … eat dinner … pay bills … watch TV … head to bed … only to wake up to do it all over again the same way tomorrow!!

In John 10:10 Jesus states, “I have come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly!” (emphasis added)

Does your marriage sound like abundance, or redundance?

How can you step out of the rat-race and enjoy your spouse?  Here’s 5 simple ideas to get you started.

  • Plan a special date night to a new location.  Go to a place you’ve never been to before.  If funds are available, splurge a little bit on each other by going somewhere nice … if not, check out the local classified ads in your area for a free spontaneous event.
  • Spice things up physically in your marriage.  Does your spouse like backrubs, or foot massages? Offer to give one at a time that isn’t the norm.  Enhance your sex life by trying something new, or enjoying each other in a new place.  There’s no rule that says sex can only happen in the bedroom, at night!
  • Surprise your spouse with a special letter sent to him/her at work or at home.  In this world of instant communication, there’s still something special about opening the mailbox and finding that you have a letter personally written to you!
  • Don’t wait around for the holidays, birthday or anniversary to get a special gift that says, “I love you!”  Every woman knows that flowers “just because” last the longest – both literally and figuratively!!
  • What chores does your spouse typically do? Take an entire day and do them for him/her.  It might involve mowing the grass, doing a few loads of laundry, running the vacuum – you get the picture.

If you give each of these ideas a try over the next few weeks, I guarantee that your marriage will begin to experience a new level of intimacy, excitement and abundance!

Go for it!!

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