Marriage Memorials (Ebenezers)

May 28, 2015

We just celebrated Memorial Day … a day established to “memorialize,” or remember, our fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and our freedoms.

Throughout this weekend a question has been rattling around in my head: “What can we do to “memorialize,” or remember, our spouses and children on a daily basis?

In I Samuel 7:12-14, the prophet Samuel sets up a stone of remembrance, an “Ebenezer,” to remind the Israelites of God’s protection and help in defeating the Philistines.

We can learn some important things about establishing memorials from this passage.  First, it was an object, in this case a stone, which was large enough for people to see.  Second, it was placed in a prominent position (between the two major cities) where people would see it regularly.  Third, it was designed to be permanent.

If you were to come visit my office here at House on the Rock, you’d see that my family – especially my wife – is extremely important to me.

Directly above my computer screen sits a large picture of my wife, flanked on all sides by my children.

This portrait was purposely placed there so I would see my wife every day I am at the office and remember her.  I rarely look at my computer without seeing those photos … they’re in a place of prominence.

Why did I do that?   Because I want to remember that God has given me a precious gift that I need to celebrate and be thankful for.  I want to be thinking of her as I browse the internet.  I want to be able to talk about her when people walk into my office to see those family photos.

What have you purposely placed as an “Ebenezer” to remind you of your spouse and family?  We’d love to hear your creative thoughts and ideas.  Leave us a comment to encourage others today.

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