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“Thanks for reaching out! First, we want to say thank you! This weekend was absolutely incredible! It was exhausting, emotional, eye opening, helpful, and so much more.

The coaches were a gift for all of us. Their openness and transparency were key to allowing us to feel open and comfortable. They made us feel like we weren’t outcasts in a society of perfect marriages, but rather people who needed to learn how to correctly be in a marriage. That’s a VERY simple summarization, but I think it makes sense. They made an impact on our lives that we can never repay and owe them more than we can express.

Our marriage was never in the correct place and we never knew it. We were blind to the things that were never correct. This past weekend was a turning point in our marriage. It was a revelation that was necessary and we can never express our gratitude to the ministry. The changes are phenomenal! We even saw a couple who were there to decide if they should even attempt to salvage a marriage where they had both moved onto new relationships in separate houses and by Saturday they held hands walking to dinner!

I was just telling my wife today that I understand we’re still on a high, and there is a lot coming in the future, but we have the tools to handle it. Once we’re sure we have a new solid foundation we both agreed that we’d love to be able to help other couples and the ministry. “

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Almost 65% of the couples attending a marriage intensive retreat with The Marriage Hub are given some sort of financial needs based scholarship. Without those funds, we would not be able to save their marriage.

The Marriage Hub is the marriage ministry of House on the Rock Family Ministries, a registered 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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