Recent Notes from Couples

“Exciting, overwhelming, and scary. We are both so fragile that we almost need a marriage ’sponsor’ to calmly guide us on what to do first after praying. It was a wonderful clinical class on how to do things right and a couple exercises of practical application but I kind of feel like we went to pilot training in a weekend and have just been given a plane. Oh boy! We came home and looked at each other with such love, compassion, and fear in hurting each other, that we just stared at each other. I am certain this program will work for us and should be in every county in every state of the country. I believe is equally as important as Alcoholics Anonymous, or any of the 12 step program.”

– January 2022

“The weekend went better than I could have hoped. I know this is just the beginning and there is a ton of work to do on both of our parts, but there is hope again, for both of us. I think seeing our fear cycle spelled out on paper has and will continue to make a big difference. Using heart talks has been helping both of us to feel safer in opening up to each other and sharing what is bothering or hurting us. It’s only the 2nd day back home, and while we haven’t had any conflict yet, we both know it is inevitably coming. However, I think we are both hopeful that the tools we were given will help us resolve the next one instead of adding it to the huge piles we have previously swept under the rug. At the least, we are both committed to doing the work to break our fear cycle that drives us to such a horrible place. I am looking forward to the heavy lifting so that we can continue doing the work to rebuild our marriage.

Thank you again for all of your help and support!”

– December 2022

We continue to do our heavy lifting and are seeing good results. These results are a slow process but a positive one. We continue to learn about each other’s needs and expectations for our relationship.

– December 2022

“The weekend was very informative. Our coaches were amazing. The teaching was clear, and the conversations were great. I like that there is a guide to follow and the notes that we have taken were like creating our own Love Dare book.

Now is the next step and the hard part. We need to put into practice what we have learned and know how to use it to come together and reconnect. If there is one thing that would help us it is to pray that we will know how to use the tools that we were given to us and continue to grow towards each other with God as our foundation.

Thank you for this great opportunity!”

– December 2022

This was the best thing we could have ever done! There are no words, but thank you! I have fallen so in love with my husband. He sees me and that is a blessing! Everyone should attend this!  

We were blessed with amazing coaches! Wow! Please pray that we continue on this path the right way with all the tools we’ve been given! I am so excited maybe for the first time in a long time!!

– December 2022

“Hello, the weekend was awesome exactly what my wife and I where looking for and needed. I can’t wait to begin doing the heavy lifting over the next few months as we begin to repair and rebuild our marriage. I appreciate all your help with this process.”

– December 2022

“We had such an enriching experience at The Marriage Hub! This is truly needed all over the country!”

– November 2022

“Our marriage has been transformed. We are both quite happy with how things have worked out. Thank you for checking in.”

– November 2022

“The weekend was life changing for my husband and I. We miss the coaches very much along with the other two couples. It has brought us closer to each other, but to God as well.

I thank you and your program for all the support because we wouldn’t have made it in our marriage if it wasn’t for them. We appreciate each one of them, the program, the help of the scholarship, the other couples, and God who made our weekend a success for my marriage and my family.”

– November 2022

“We had a phenomenal weekend!!! Thank you so much for your part in making it a success! I thank you for your MANY kindnesses! Praise the Lord we are now sharing our bedroom again and working toward restoration! We are so grateful to you all because we never could have gotten to this point doing our therapeutic “piecemeal” efforts. Thanks again to you and everyone for all you do. We are SO appreciative of The Marriage Hub ministry and the loving and caring people behind it. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts!! God is SO GOOD!!! Thanks for everything!”

– October 2022

“The Marriage intensive was definitely a God sent, perfect timing and the coaches were such a blessing. We didn’t know what to expect but were given the opportunity to learn so much about ourselves and each other, even us as a couple who have been together for 40+ years. A special thanks to the couches, so much knowledge, wisdom and practical insight. We highly recommend going. We have been sharing and applying some of the insight gained.”

– September 2022

“Things are great! We have been utilizing so many things learned from the intensive weekend. Such a humbling experience. We have a long journey of changes ahead but we are so grateful to this past weekend, the coaches, the other couples and The Marriage Hub’s program. It was such a great experience and we are so happy to have been able to attend.
We are looking forward to working hard on continuing to improve our marriage. Thank you for the continued prayers.”

– August 2022

We are doing great. Although we are only on our heavy lifting workout #2, we’ve been extremely dedicated and working hard. After the retreat, it took us a few months to really get down our safety and trust. It was not easy and we definitely had some setbacks but we really worked hard on it. 

Once we were comfortable moving forward we finally started the heavy lifting. It was a breath of fresh air, we loved revisiting what we went through at the intensive. Ever since, we have each been growing every day. Our faith is stronger each day. And our love has truly took on a new form and we are forever grateful. We are looking forward to continuing the heavy lifting journey as well as continuing to grow together. 

– August 2022

“We had a great and intense weekend and learned a ton! It was what we hoped it would be. We have been trying our best to apply what we learned… but that’s been easier said than done so far 😉 Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow during the follow up program.”

– August 2022

“We had a hard, but wonderful weekend. All the coaches were amazing. We appreciate all the love and hard work they put in to all of us. I feel we made some breakthroughs and progress. I look forward to continuing to walk down our path together.”

– August 2022

“Thank you for the prayers and follow up. It was a good weekend and very enlightening. Some challenging conversations but very necessary for us to move forward! Highly recommend this! Can’t wait to dig into heavy lifting with my spouse and see results!”

– August 2022

“The weekend was very intense for sure. It stirred up lots of emotions and thoughts. We have begun taking steps to implement the tools we have learned. Thank you for checking on us.”

– July 2022

“We are doing great! We were so very blessed by the intensive. We have far to go but we are excited that the Lord will work in our midst with newfound insight!!”

– July 2022

“The weekend was definitely intense with many difficult/heartfelt/touching moments. We are taking what we learned and using the tools to better our relationship and move forward successfully. It was special learning from struggles that other couples are going through as well and everyone sincerely opening up, bouncing things off one another and helping each other out.

The whole God-given structure of this session was spiritually empowering to my husband and I. We each have struggles and will navigate through them using the material given. Thank you and God bless you all for creating such a unique journey into the hearts of married couples. God ordained it and I must strive for a better “me” to make a better “we”.

Kudos to our coaches leading the weekend, they are a special couple and we love them for giving their time and doing this. Everything from the materials to lodging, food, etc was well planned and top notch.”

– July 2022

“It was a great pleasure to meet you and see how important The Marriage Hub was in my life and my marriage. It’s not easy to get rid of bad habits and return to a marriage that truly honors the word of God, and that is, sincerely, my desire. I thank God for this ministry and for the lives of all of you. No price paid is too high for restoring a family. Thank you so much because I had no more hope and God showed, once again, that He hears my prayers when God brought you all to my marriage through my husband. First I thank God, my husband and all of you. May God bless you all and this ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

– June 2022

“We are so glad that we took the time to attend. The intensive truly helped us. Thank you so much.”

– May 2022

“We sooooo enjoyed the marriage intensive. The coaches were so amazing! The other couples were great as well!!! It was, indeed, an intense weekend, but we have been floating on cloud nine since we left. We were saying to each other that we feel like we’ve been fighting a war for the last 20 years while empty handed. Now we feel like we have the proper weapons to fight for our marriage. 😊
Thank you so much for checking in with us. We are looking forward to the 15 weeks of follow up sessions.”

– May 2022

“Thanks for reaching out! First, we want to say thank you! This weekend was absolutely incredible! It was exhausting, emotional, eye opening, helpful, and so much more.

The coaches were a gift for all of us. Their openness and transparency were key to allowing us to feel open and comfortable. They made us feel like we weren’t outcasts in a society of perfect marriages, but rather people who needed to learn how to correctly be in a marriage. That’s a VERY simple summarization, but I think it makes sense. They made an impact on our lives that we can never repay and owe them more than we can express.

Our marriage was never in the correct place and we never knew it. We were blind to the things that were never correct. This past weekend was a turning point in our marriage. It was a revelation that was necessary and we can never express our gratitude to the ministry. The changes are phenomenal! We even saw a couple who were there to decide if they should even attempt to salvage a marriage where they had both moved onto new relationships in separate houses and by Saturday they held hands walking to dinner!

I was just telling my wife today that I understand we’re still on a high, and there is a lot coming in the future, but we have the tools to handle it. Once we’re sure we have a new solid foundation we both agreed that we’d love to be able to help other couples and the ministry. “

– April 2022

“We are so glad we went last weekend. Even though by far we had the most damage done in our marriage compared to the other two couples. We both feel like we have benefited so much in communication skills and some other skills and tools to help us in every part and situation in our marriage. We feel so much closer together in every possible way, spiritually, physically, and more intimately. Looking forward to many more years of growing with each and going to celebrate our 19th anniversary next month. Thank you and God Bless.”

– April 2022

“Words can’t explain all the different emotions we experienced with the coaches. Everything was so special and personalized to us. We definitely felt God’s love through all four of them. We are so thankful for their obedience to God and allowing him to work through them. Thankful for their transparency and vulnerability with their own experiences, which allowed us to be transparent and vulnerable as well.  Seeing that they were able to overcome their issues with God’s help and hard work, gave us hope. 

We know that our marriage will not be solved in a weekend but we now understand that it is a lot of hard work on a daily basis. This program is a gift from God. We have learned so much about ourselves and the reasons why we have been stuck in the cycle that we are in. We have been exposed to so many tools to navigate our marriage. We will be forever grateful that by attending this intensive we now have hope.  

We are looking forward to continuing on learning more with the 15 week program. “

– March 2022

“We travelled back safe and re-entered our home with renewed hope and commitment to rebuilding our marriage together. The Marriage Hub intensive was a turning point for us. We arrived broken and going through so much pain but we knew we wanted our marriage to work. Through the heart to heart conversations, learning from other couples and the insightful relationship coaching sessions, we’ve acquired tools and techniques to help us break the negative cycles, rebuild trust, create a safe environment in our marriage and most importantly forgive and reconcile. 

We have started reviewing the material and talking a lot to address issues and chart a new path as we reimagine our marriage. Today at church the pastor reminded us that our war is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We therefore continue praying that Christ will reign in our hearts and will also be at the center of our marriage. We still have a lot of heavy lifting to do and are committed to following through with this.”

– March 2022

“I walked in expecting something entirely different and walked away with a true gift. I thought that it was amazing, emotional, productive, and raw.

The coaches are phenomenal people and were able to put things into perspective. They were very inspirational, courteous, kind, welcoming, educational, and helpful way beyond what I expected. We forgot what marriage really was. I’m not sure we ever really knew to begin with. This weekend was something that we desperately needed and we couldn’t be more grateful!”

– February 2022

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