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FAQS – Intensives

Marriage intensives are designed for couples on the brink of separation, offering concentrated 20-hour sessions aimed at reuniting them. On the other hand, marriage coaching caters to couples or individuals seeking to enhance their relationship without being in a state of crisis.

Because we use a coaching model, we do not offer the ability to take insurance.

Financial needs’ based scholarship, 1st Responder Scholarships and Military Scholarships are available for our marriage intensive retreats. Click on our scholarship link on our intensive page for more details. 

Yes we offer intensives for all people. We do not discriminate offering intensives to any individual or couple.

While we do not discriminate, we do want all individuals or people utilizing our services to understand our coaching sessions are based on our conservative Evangelical background and will offer advise and help based on that philosophical lens. Click here to view our doctrinal statement.

Each couple receives a marital satisfaction form prior to the intensives, after the intensive and then 6 months and one year after the intensive. We see an average of 20% increase in marital satisfaction.

All couples attending the Marriage Intensive Retreat will receive a 15-week follow-up program designed to help couples take information, skills and tools learned at the intensive and turn them into new lifetime healthy habits for increased intimacy. 

Couples are also eligible to join our monthly live alumni video calls led by our coaching teams. The one hour times include continual live training, opportunities for encouragement in your journey and accountability.

Couples looking for additional one on one accountability after an intensive can utilize our traditional coaching services as well. 

Please click the “contact us” tab to get in touch with someone from our intake team. We do not offer the ability to sign up directly on-line. Our goal is to make sure our program is the right fit for your specific marital situation, therefore, we require all potential couples to chat directly with our intake team.

Our intensives are led by a husband and wife coaching couple. We limit the number of client couples to three so we can maintain an intimate setting and address each couples specific needs. We also typically have a volunteer couple attending the weekend to help with logistics and to support our lead coaching couples. 

Private intensives are led by a husband and wife coaching couple and are exclusively with one client couple. 

There is no faith requirement to attend one of our marriage intensive retreats. We have had couples from all sorts of religious backgrounds and faith affiliaitons … or no faith affiliation. 

We simply want all couples to know our program comes from an evangelical Christian background. Our faith statement can be found in a link at the bottom of the page. 

Typically intensives are run over the weekend with the intensive starting at 7pm on Friday evening. They start again around 9am on Saturday morning and will run thru dinner that night. Due to the flexibility of content and group dynamics, each group ends at a different time on Saturday. 

Sunday begins around 9am and is usually done by dinner (between 4-5pm) on Sunday evening. 

Private intesives are typicaly scheduled directly with the couple and the coach. Due to that, the schedule may be different. 

The Marriage Hub uses a coaching couple who leads the intensive based upon a cognitive behavioral approach with our client couples. The cognitive side means there will be a teaching component … with instruction on what a successful marriage looks like and is founded on. The behavioral piece comes out with practical skills and tools that are given to couples and practiced during the course of your time together. 

The Marriage Hub program was designed by our founder, Dr. Bruce McCracken, and is based on research and methodology from John Gottman, Gary Smalley and marriage and family experts.  

All Marriage Hub coaches have been trained and certified by Dr. Bruce McCracken, Founder of The Marriage Hub. Each coach goes through a vigorous training program that lasts approximately 6 months before being allowed to lead intensives. 

While many (not all) of our coaches hold degress and certifications in counseling programs, we have elected to use a coaching philosophy with our marriage intensive program as opposed to a clinical counseling program. 

Support The Marriage Hub

Almost 65% of the couples attending a marriage intensive retreat with The Marriage Hub are given some sort of financial needs based scholarship. Without those funds, we would not be able to save their marriage.

The Marriage Hub is the marriage ministry of House on the Rock Family Ministries, a registered 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Checks can be mailed to: The Marriage Hub – 18 N Market Street, Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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