A Note for our Single Friends

September 22, 2018

This spot is for our single listening friends out there … have you ever caught yourself thinking: “I would be much happier if I were married … so hurry up and find someone?”

If so … let’s take a minute to think about what God may want you to be learning while you are single and how these lessons will prepare you for marriage.  So here are some key lessons you want to learn while you are single.

GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER:  It’s vital that you get to know who you are before you get married.  What are your core values and beliefs?  What’s your personality … are you an extravert or introvert?  We’ve worked with many struggling married couples who’ve learned the hard lesson that … opposites attract … then they attack

MAKE A LIST OF WHAT YOU WANT IN A SPOUSE.  Whether you’re single or dating, take some time to think about previous relationships and make a list of the qualities you want and need in your future spouse.  You may even want to chat with your parents … they know what kind of person will be right for you.

Then, make another list of “deal-breakers.”  What are some things that cannot be true of any future spouse?  Share those with the people who know and love you so if the wrong person tries to sweep you off your feet, you’ll have some friendly accountability to help you see clearly.  And when you do meet the right person, you’ll know.

WORK ON BECOMING A WHOLE PERSON :  If you are looking for someone to complete you … you are not emotionally or spiritually healthy enough to be married.  Looking a spouse to fill that “hole in your heart” …  will lead to disappointment.   No one is capable of filling that void in your life except God.

Following these three steps … will give you a healthy sense of personal independence … will build some solid boundaries around your heart that will protect you from abusive relationships.  So during your journey of singleness … ask God to teach you what you need to learn to become the person He wants you to be  which will actually make you a better spouse if and when that day comes around.

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