Keeping a Short Leash with Your Spouse

March 27, 2018

We work with many couples who are experiencing challenging marriages.  After they attend one of our intensives they realize how their marriage slipped slowly into the “crisis” situation that brought them to us … they let things get too far away from them … they didn’t keep a short leash on their marriage.  So, here are some thoughts to help us from letting things get too far away …

Keep a short leash on your relationship with God … Do not fall for all of the misleading messages within our culture that foster stinky thinking … Spend time in God’s Word and with His people … who will speak truth into your hearts and lives.

Keep yourself in a right relationship with God …  The number one cause of marital separation is rooted in sin.  Remember the promise in I John 1:9: that if we confess our sin He (God) is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Keep a short leash on your marriage relationship 

When the church at Ephesus fell from her first love … Jesus gave them the 3 r’s remedy … remember … repent … and return

So, take some time to reflect back and remember the good old days … when you were head over heels in love … hey, I know love is not just a feeling … but the committed relationship of a marriage is the best place to nurture and maintain loving feelings.

Repent … means to turn around …

So, if you are not feelin’ it … which is normal … stop and identify those things that are taking you away from each other … do an about face and start moving towards each other …

Finally return to the things you did at first … start acting as if you are trying to win the affection of your spouse’s heart all over again.  Do some of that dating behavior … a little flirting … a lot of talking … some cuddling … and see if those loving feelings don’t start coming back …

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