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Collecting Marriage Memories

Someone once said that “marriages are built on memories”.  If that is true … we need to take some time to reflect on those shared moments, to write them down so we can talk about them with our children.

The idea of remembering historical highlights goes back to God’s commissioning the construction of several monuments throughout Old Testament history.  God knew that His children would easily forget many of the good and great things He had done for them over the years.  So He commissioned monuments to help them remember.  The Ebenezer stone (I Samuel 7:7-12) stood at the place where the Israelites defeated the Philistines so that generations of parents would tell the story of God’s faithfulness to their children.

So why not make it a point to take some time to collect some marriage memories of God’s faithfulness to you as a couple?  What are the Ebenezer events in your marriage and family history?  When and how did God show up in special ways?

As I reflect on some of my favorite marriage memories, I have mental images of our early days serving together in youth ministry.  The violent thunder storm that sealed our doom as wilderness campers.  Our 9 year struggle with infertility and the miracle births of our two sons.  Enjoying over thirty years in the same house, church and neighborhood.  Seeing our sons leave us to cleave to their wives. The arrivals of our grandchildren!  These memories bring smiles, tears and laughs but fill our hearts with thankfulness!

So I have a challenge for you: Plan some time together to begin collecting a list of your favorite marriage and family memories.  Look for times when God showed up in a special way.  Make a “Memory Jar” … get out your photo albums and enjoy a stroll down memory lane … and don’t forget to pause to thank God for His faithfulness and blessing.

Take those photos out of the album and put them into frames … a memory jar … or some other special place so you can raise them as an Ebenezer … something that your family and friends can see!  It will give you an opportunity to share with all who see God’s faithfulness to you and your family.  Because family legacies are built on memories too!

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