Does Your Marriage Need some Spring Cleaning?

April 1, 2017

Spring is here and for many that means “spring cleaning” … that annual ritual of scrubbing our homes from top to bottom after being closed up all winter.  The goal is a house that is fresh and clean. 

Well, for many of us … our marriages may need a little “spring cleaning”!  Because they get cluttered with hurt feelings and unresolved issues that can make them unbearable.  Here are four activities that will help us spring clean our marriages:

  1. Clearing the Clutter

Odds are we’ve hurt our spouses.  We need to take responsibility for our words and actions … even if our intentions were not to hurt … and apologize.  “Sweeping stuff under the rug” piles clutter up and will ultimately produce a trip hazard … so swallow your pride and say: “I’m sorry, will you please forgive me?”

When our spouses come seeking forgiveness … we’re commanded to pardon (Matthew 18).  Forgiveness “takes out the trash” that clutters relationships.  Unforgiveness keeps that trash piled up to stink!  Who likes living in a smelly pile of trash?!

  1. Fixing and Finishing

We usually discover some uncompleted “projects” that need to be “fixed or finished.”  Unresolved issues about money, kids, work … etc. all need to be nailed down through open and honest conversations.

  1. Dusting

We get so comfortable that we neglect to show our spouses how much we really love them; and begin to mutually co-exist.  It’s time to “dust off” the romance so you can see the luster of loving date nights, notes, flowers, favorite meals, massages, kind words, holding hands … once you get started it’ll come back to you!!

  1. Scrubbing the Spots

We’ll probably uncover some “selfish spots” that need to be removed.  Marriages thrive on both spouses being selfless.  Putting ourselves second is not easy … it requires some “scrubbing” by the Holy Spirit to help us surrender to God and our spouses.

Spring cleaning our homes requires hard work, intentional behavior and an action plan.   So does “spring cleaning” our marriages.  But the results of a clean, fresh home and a loving, fulfilling marriage are worth the effort.

Does your marriage need some spring cleaning?  Where are you going to start today?

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