Do You Need to Perform a “Bedroom Audit?”

June 23, 2015

Have “things” crept into your bedroom that are robbing you of physical intimacy?  Have you created a pattern that sets you up for failure?

Maybe it’s time to perform a “Bedroom Audit!”

Karen and I routinely teach that one of the keys to physical intimacy is to make sure your bedroom is one of, if not the, most special and safest places in your home.  This isn’t a room where you discipline children, hide the clutter, or run the family business.  We like to say that the only things that should go on in this room are sleep, dressing and times of sexual intimacy.

Here’s a few simple steps you can take to reclaim the intimacy your bedroom was intended for.

1 – Make it Fun and Inviting – This room should feel like an oasis.  Karen and I recently redecorated our bedroom in a color and theme that we both love – the water.  She’s the eternal beach queen and I love boating/kayaking, etc.  Now when we enter our bedroom we feel the peace and warmth those memories create! (It beats the girly wallpaper we had in there for too many years!)

2 – Keep it Clean – I have a bad habit of simply dropping my dirty clothes right next to the bed – or stacking important papers on top of my dresser.  Trust me, my dirty clothes and scattered papers don’t create a sense of intimacy and comfort for Karen!

3 – Make it Safe and Secure – If you have little ones (or older kids) running around the house, it’s hard to get in the mood when you’re afraid that your bedroom door may burst open at an inopportune time.  So put a good lock on your door to keep unwanted intruders out!  Teach your kids that when your bedroom door is closed they are to respect mom and dad’s privacy.

4 – Make it Technology Free – How many times have you been interacting with technology while you could have been interacting with each other?  Keep your distracting tablet, TV, cell phone and other technology out of your bedroom.  Trust me; the increased intimacy that may take place will be much better than knowing you’re up to date on your Facebook or Twitter feeds!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to having a bedroom that is sacred and filled with intimacy!

PS … never ever ever pay bills in your room!!!

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