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4 Ways to Prepare Before You Confront Your Spouse’s Sinful Behavior

Man writing in a notebook with coffee by his side

Every couple will come to a point where one spouse will have to confront the other regarding an issue that is negatively affecting their marriage.  Let’s be honest, nobody likes to be involved on either end of a confrontation.  But if you find yourself having to confront your spouse here are some vital steps to […]

Spring Cleaning Our Marriages

Couple having fun cleaning together

With this nice weather comes that annual tradition of spring-cleaning.  Karen is always eager to open up the house and give it a good shake.  My job is the garage … I open the door and literally take everything out so I can sweep the floor and put everything back where it belongs. As I […]

Is Netflix Hurting Your Marriage

TV remote with netflix pulled up on the TV

With Netflix hovering around 100 million subscribers and growing at record rates … my hunch is that many of you can relate to this scenario. My wife Janeen and I have six children. After getting them to bed in the evening, we’re usually emotionally and physically spent. We’d heard of friends “binge watching” shows … […]

A Time for Change

Words "Time for change" written on ground

A number of years ago, my wife said to me, “Do you realize the way you wake up in the morning and the attitude you display, sets the tone for our family for the rest of the day?”  This wasn’t a compliment…it was a criticism of the negative cycle my morning routine had become…and she […]

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