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5 Incredible Conversation Starters for Any Couple!

Couple sitting on couch talking and drinking coffee

It’s been reported that the average couple spends less than 3 minutes a day in “meaningful” conversation. That’s because most of our couple talk is all about family logistics … who …what … where … when … and how …  It is reporting … not rapport building …  It’s head to head communication … not […]

A Reader Shares the Secret Emotional Needs of Men … A Must Read!

Man's ear

It’s always good to hear from listeners … and to those who receive these thoughts via our email devotions … here’s one we got the other day from a men’s ministry leader … “I read your online article to wives today and it was very good.  You can quote me in saying that wives have no idea how […]

How Should I Treat My Husband Who Won’t Lead Us Spiritually?

Couple walking together under and umbrella

(Guest writing today is Bruce’s wife – Karen McCracken) Many wives feel disappointed, angry, resentful, resigned, and confused about what to do with a husband who seems spiritually absent or is unwilling to lead his family toward Christ. If this is true in your marriage, the answer isn’t to nag or criticize your husband, nor […]

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