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Are You an SBS … Spoiled – Brat – Spouse?

Sad little girl

We’re becoming a nation of rude, self-absorbed and spoiled “brats”!  Our culture screams the mantra: “It’s all about me!” While it remains to be seen if this attitude will foster a generation of self empowered people … it is absolutely evident that this outlook is creating a lethal environment for establishing Biblical marriages. Some may […]

A Valentine’s Gift Better than Chocolate, Roses or Hearts!!

Person wearing gloves holding a heart shaped snow ball

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and you romantics will be finding, if you haven’t already, clever ways to express your love to your Valentines with chocolates, hearts and roses!  Hopefully you’ve got all that covered … but there may be a better way to demonstrate our love … Today is a day to celebrate love … and we […]

Why You Should Stop Saying, “My Spouse …”

Wedding ceremony with bride putting the ring on the groom

If you’re like me … when you exchanged your marriage vows, if they were the traditional ones, you may have made one promise that you don’t know how to keep. Do you remember pledging … to love, honor and cherish? Did you ever really stop to think about what those words mean … and what […]

Tips to Evaluate the State of Your Marital Union!


Two weeks ago the president delivered the State of the Union address … RELAX … I’m not here to discuss politics … but it got me thinking … what would I say if I had to deliver an annual assessment of my marital union … to Karen and the rest of our family.  So let […]

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