Are You a “Trustworthy” Spouse?

January 14, 2016

Marriage is built on trust … love and intimacy flourish in an atmosphere of integrity and faithfulness … they wither and die when these are missing.

Your marriage began with a vow … the forming of a trust … that you would forsake all others … so that you would continue to love … honor … and cherish each other … whether you’re rich or poor … healthy or sick … in good or bad circumstances … you would both be faithful to one another for life.

Let’s be honest … you want to trust that your spouse will always tell you the truth … about what he or she is feeling … thinking … and doing.

You are trusting that your spouse is committed to staying faithful and making the right choices to do so.  He or she is not sharing things they can’t share with you with someone else … your life mate isn’t flirting or seeking attention from others.

You’re trusting that your spouse will always have your best interest at heart … no matter what the circumstances.  You believe the best … that his or her motives are pure toward you.

While being able to trust your spouse is important … your being a trustworthy spouse … is even more essential.

So let’s take a quick quiz:

1. Are you telling your partner the truth about what you’re thinking … feeling and doing?

2. Are you protecting yourself from the temptation of getting too close to someone else … from sharing your heart with another?

3. Are you looking out for the best interest of your spouse?

4. Are you believing the best of him or her?

The best way to build and maintain trust in your marriage is to become a trustworthy spouse… someone your mate can depend on!

Paul says is I Corinthians 4:2 that it is vital for us as Christ followers to be found trustworthy … in all areas of our lives.

So make the commitment today to become a more trustworthy spouse!

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